Explanation of’Leave Taking’

A grand father, old and lonely finds solace in the company of his grand son. They become close friends as other family members have no time to spare for them.So those two did what all the other friends do.They play, watch T.V,enjoy the similar things and quarrel as typical friends tend to do.

Like a sea anemone and a hermit crab one fills the gap of  the other.The grand father has no authority in the family and has become useless in the run. The others are too busy to spare time for the old man and they are not concerned with the falling mentality of him. So the child comes to the rescue of the old man and fills the void of loneliness by chattering like a monkey.

The child too is lonely in his own way.He has no one to listen to. With a whole new world before him he is puzzled by it’s workings and needs the help of an adult to sort out his problems . So the old man comes to his rescue by being a patient listener and being a companion to the little child.

 One day the grand father dies. Al the family members weep showing off their love for their father  which he does not need now, but the little one is unaware of the  scene taking place because he is too young to understand the concept of the Death. He is worried because his grand father is going some where for the first time without saying good bye to him. 

                             The poet tries to open our eyes to the grave problem of  uncaring for the elders.


Leave Taking-Sisil Rajendra

The only joy

Of his old age

He often said

Was his grandson

Their friendship


Eight decades

Three generations

They laughed, played, quarreled, and embraced

Watched television together

And while the rest had

Little to say to the old man

The little fellow was

A fountain of endless chatter.

When death rattled

The gate at five

One Sunday morning

Took the old man away

Other trumpeted their

Grief in loud sobs

And lachrymose blubber

He never shed a tear

Just waved one of his

Small inimitable goodbyes

To his grand father

And was sad the old man

Could not return his gesture