Explanation of ” Lake Isle of Innisfree”

This is one of the best poems written on nature. The poet, W.B.Yeats has written this based on his childhood memories.

The poem tells us his desire to go back to an Island in Ireland where he spent some time with his grand parents.Though he was unable to visit the Island after that the memory was with him and it persuaded him to write this poem.

We see the urgency in the tone of the poet when we first read the first line itself.He wants to go there and live as simple as he could be by building a small hut and growing his own food. An uncluttered life, I would say.!

He imagines the scene again and hears how the lake water created ripples when it contacted the shore.He could not forget those memories and takes us back to his childhood with him.

In the last verse he reminds us the grim truth.You can never go back to what you already lost.The Lake Island is no more. Only the memories remain.The dusty payments and busy roads are a daily remainder for his lost dream!

I like this poem very much. What about you? I invite you to share your ideas. Use the comment box to write what you feel about it.


8 thoughts on “Explanation of ” Lake Isle of Innisfree”

  1. Nature is open to all. But we are the ones who avoid it with lives in which we pretend to be someone else. Open your senses all feel the calmness and the pleasant feel that Nature offers us. try to enjoy each and every nano second with it. Lead a blissful life…………

  2. i am not agree to this poem, because if we have a really interest on whatever we like we will some how gets back on one day. If not we should try to be happy thinking of what we have.Are you agree ?

    • When we are with nature..we don’t see its blessings…when we live is cities or desert areas..we recognize the value and importance and solace of nature at its best

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