Activities- Paying Calls

Read the statements given and rewrite only the correct ones.

1. The narrator longs to see his old friends.

2.He doesn’t remember where they live as he hadn’t met them for a long time.

3.He reflects on how they used to enjoy the fresh air and the warm weather in the Summer.

4. The narrator was puzzled by the inactivity f his friends as the weather was ideal for treks and hikes.

5.He visits their graves and talks to them as if they are alive.


Explanation of the poem-Paying Calls

A man goes to see his friends whom he hasn’t seen for a long period of time.So he is not sure where they live. He has to walk on the foot paths, over creaky gates and sometimes even in the bush. He roams country side looking for them and finally sees them in various places . Some are his old friends and some of them are the ones he hasn’t seen for long time.

He remembers how they used to take long walks in the country side when the weather is warm and fresh.They used to enjoy life to the fullest and highly content about their lives.

The summer has come again and yet he hasn’t seen any of his friends enjoying the summer.They all are staying at home.He visits each and every one of his friends and talks about their past and how they enjoy life.His friends listen patiently while he he talks continuously. Not a single friend talks with him.

Do you know why?

Because they all are dead.

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Paying Calls

Paying Calls – Thomas Hardy

I went by footpath and by stile
Beyond where bustle ends,
Strayed here a mile and there a mile
And called upon some friends

On certain ones I had not seen
For years past did I called,
And on others who had been
The oldest friends all.

It was the time of midsummer
When they had used to roam;
But now though tempting was the air,
I found them all at home.

I spoke to one and other of them
By mound and stone and tree
Of things we had done ere days were dim,
But they spoke not to me.